FilaENG is a family of engineering plastic filaments developed by Filatech for providing superior mechanical, thermal and chemical properties required in engineering projects.
FilaENG Filaments are eco-friendly, safe to human high performance filaments for FDM 3D printers.
FilaENG Filaments are free from hazardous elements and Unlike ABS and PC they are low odor, styrene free and Bisphenol-A free. Here are the newest FilaENG Filaments products:


A high-performance PLA-based compound which is 100% bio-based with fast solidification, low process temperature and excellent printing quality. FilaPLA is much stronger than normal PLA and is having a heat resistance higher than ABS. FilaPLA is a Super PLA, a bio-based well-balanced combination of printing easiness and quality of PLA with toughness of ABS and heat resistance of PC.


An engineering compound which provides high toughness, excellent balance between hardness and flexibility, superior high temperature resistance and high chemical resistance to a wide range of the chemicals.
FilaTough doesn’t need any special setup in your 3D printer or any environment-controlled printing. It can be printed as easy as PLA.


FilaFlexible Filaments are high performance engineering compound filaments which have both properties of rubbers and engineering plastics. FilaFlexible Filaments are available in three different grades according to their hardness FilaFlexible30, FilaFlexible40 and FilaFlexible55.
FilaFlexible Filaments have superior Resilience compare to TPU and they simulate more rubbery effect in your printed parts. FilaFlexible Filaments are coming in 3 different grades with 3 different hardnesses to provide a wide range of flexibility.


FilaCarbon is an ABS-based compound which is made of high-quality ABS resin and premium carbon fibers.
It is a high performance filament which offers such excellent properties for different engineering applications where Strength, toughness, dimensional stability, light weight and high temperature performance is essential. FilaCarbon is easy to print like ABS filament, print surface quality is excellent with a grainy good-looking finishing.

A comparison of toughness and heat resistance between FilaENG Filaments and other ordinary and engineering material has been illustrated in below chart.